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For Personal Injury matters, after the accident there are many questions you may have. How can I recover the value of my vehicle, pay for my medical bills, pay for my future medical bills, who is going to pay for the work I may have to miss, who is going to compensate me for what I have been through? At the Law Offices of Jacobson & Tchernev, we will help you through all of these difficult questions and help you recover the maximum amount you are entitled to, for what you have been through.

Whether you have had a fall, a car accident, a work injury, a nursing home injury, or a medical error, our skilled and aggressive trial attorneys have one goal, maximize the amount of money you receive on your claim. You need a strong litigator and advocate on your side to protect your rights and protect your money. No matter how big or how small the matter is, we are here to help.

Car accidents

Every time you sit behind the wheel of a car you are exposed to a churning sea of fast-moving vehicles of various sizes and shapes, all racing to their destinations. Car and truck accidents are by far the most prevalent and most common cause of personal injury. You are at the mercy of the skill and focus of every single driver out there and with the myriad of distractions, like mobile phones, even a morning work commute becomes dangerous. In Illinois alone there are over 13 million registered vehicles. In Illinois during 2014 there were over 296,000 crashes, involving over 691,000 individuals, resulting in over 84,000 injuries. Not every car accident results in injury, however all it takes is one accident, one vehicle, or one distracted driver to change your life forever.

Car and truck accidents are by far the most prevalent and most common cause of personal injury. Injuries to the neck and back are most common in rear end auto accidents, ranging from sprains of the ligaments and muscles to more serious injuries such as disc herniations. Serious car accidents often result in broken bones, concussions, spinal injuries, paralysis, or even loss of life. You may be entitled to recover money damages if the accident is deemed the fault of the other driver or drivers. As with any other personal injury case, the Law Offices of Jacobson & Tchernev is happy to provide you with a consultation regarding your claim free of charge.

Often times, medical bills from even one hospital visit due to an auto accident can be financially overwhelming and even result in the bills being referred to collectors, ruining your good credit score. Jacobson and Tchernev can help keep those collectors at bay while we work on obtaining the best result for our client’s injury claim.


My doctor made a mistake, can I file a lawsuit? That is a very common question we receive but the answer is very complex and depends on numerous intricate details. There are two important factors to consider in whether or not you have a claim for medical malpractice. The first factor is was the doctor’s conduct outside the standard of care required by their medical field or profession. This may include a wrong diagnosis or treatment, failing to provide appropriate treatment, a delay in treatment, or even prescribing the wrong medication. The second factor is what injuries the patient sustained. It is very important to note that statistics show that most medical errors do not result in harm to the patient because there are numerous safety precautions and safeguards in place to prevent injury to patients. These safeguards are the reason why, contrary to popular belief, only an extremely small number of medical errors result in actual claims or lawsuits. Unfortunately, some medical errors do have devastating consequences and can leave patients with serious injuries or even result in death. If you or someone you know has been injured you should contact an experienced attorney to properly evaluate your claim as soon as possible. Possible medical injuries are birth injury, brain injury, a delay, failure, or wrong diagnosis, surgical errors, and nursing home neglect and abuse.

As with any other personal injury case, the Law Offices of Jacobson & Tchernev is happy to provide you with a consultation regarding your claim free of charge.

Premise Liability

I fell down the stairs of my apartment building or I slipped on ice outside the grocery store, do I have a claim? The law holds that if you have been injured while on someone else’s property you may have a claim. However, the law does not automatically guarantee that you will recover, rather you as the injured party through your attorneys have to prove that what caused your injury was an unsafe condition of the property. For example, the law in Illinois does not hold property owners responsible for injuries caused due to the natural accumulations of snow and ice. However, if a property owner has a sidewalk that has become damaged and as a result water pools there in the winter and freezes that could be considered an unnatural accumulation of ice, which could allow a claim for injuries to be made. Similarly, if you fall down your apartment stairs, it is not necessarily your landlord’s fault. But, if the stairs fail to meet the architectural and safety codes, such as having uneven or inappropriate heights and widths, poor or no lighting, or damaged or missing handrails, then you may have a claim. Slips, trips, and falls most commonly happen in parking lots, shopping malls, grocery stores, restaurants, sidewalks, and apartment buildings. There are many factors that determine whether you have a claim for your injuries due to an unsafe condition.

Immediate investigations by the Law Offices of Jacobson and Tchernev and our experts have yielded great results in the past because often the unsafe condition may change, the ice may melt, or the grocery store or restaurant may “misplace” the surveillance tape. Contact us right away if you have been injured for a free consultation and claim evaluation.

CDL Traffic Ticket Defense, DUI, Criminal Defense

- No Matter what state you are in, no matter what took place, we will defend you. We protect CDL drivers, limo/cab drivers and any type of driver who has a problem. Call us, we know how valuable your CDL license is to you and we will work tirelessly to make sure violations do not stay on your record.

- Sometimes things happen and you need a lawyer to protect your license and your future.

- No matter what the criminal issue is, we protect our client’s rights and give them the best results.